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Repair Vestfrost

High quality household appliances.

Development and production of products that meet the highest expectations of our customers. More than 60 years of experience in the market is a guarantee of the highest quality, ease of use and a very low failure rate of our products. Vestfrost products have served our customers for many years. Nothing motivates us more than the satisfaction of our customers, which drives technological progress as we develop innovative solutions and create new devices.

Service and repair


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Federal partner
We work throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.
Home repairs

Vestfrost Service Center — a full range of diagnostics and repair of refrigerators and freezers.

Highly qualified craftsmen
Vestfrost specialists will identify the problem and fix it.
Post-warranty service of companies
You can be calm for all the equipment in your company's office.
Official warranty repair

We repair Vestfrost household appliances officially, under a contract.


  • Oven Vestfrost
    Oven Vestfrost

    I always dreamed of changing the oven to a more modern one, because sometimes the food turned out very dry, and now it happened. It is comfortable to cook in it, the set has all types of baking sheets, there are all the necessary heating modes. Thanks to this oven, I learned how to cook delicious pies and pizza. The family is happy.

  • Sophron
    Refrigerators Vestfrost

    Vestfrost makes excellent refrigerators. My wife and I are satisfied. It has been working for 10 years and does not require repair.

  • Embedded technology Vestfrost
    Embedded technology Vestfrost

    Some time ago we took a built-in refrigerator for dog food. Maintains the temperature perfectly, takes up little space, convenient location of the shelves. A strong case and a good door, as the pets tried to open it a couple of times, but they did not succeed.