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Departure of the master
Departure of the master

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from 2500 rub

Departure for the MKAD
50 ₽ / 1 km
seven days a week

Departure of the master
within an hour
around the clock

With a set of tools
for diagnostics and repair
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Household appliances Vestfrost

Development and production of products that meet the highest expectations of our customers. More than 60 years of experience in the market is a guarantee of the highest quality, ease of use and very low failure rate of our products. Vestfrost products have been serving our customers for many years. Nothing motivates us more than the satisfaction of our customers, which stimulates technological progress as we develop innovative solutions and create new devices.

Service and repair


To get a consultation or to repair the Vestfrost at a discount, register.

Federal partner
We work throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.
Home repairs

Vestfrost Service Center — a full range of diagnostics and repair of refrigerators and freezers.

Highly qualified craftsmen
Vestfrost specialists will identify the problem and fix it.
Post-warranty service of companies
You can be calm for all the equipment in your company's office.
Official warranty repair

We repair Vestfrost household appliances officially, under a contract.


Vestfrost ovens
Jun 14, 2024
Vestfrost offers a wide range of ovens that combine functionality, ease of use and modern design.
Vestfrost washer-dryer
Oct 25, 2023
Find out how to prevent issues with drainage, electronics, and leaks in washer-dryer machines.


  • Cooktop Vestfrost Hilight
    Cooktop Vestfrost Hilight

    Chic cooktop VFVIT60HH, I have been using it for several years. I chose a budget option with a metal frame around the entire contour. In the kitchen after using it is not hot, heating occurs quickly. The surface is strong and durable. The location of the burners and bevelled edges are also its main advantages.

  • Dishwasher Vestfrost
    Dishwasher Vestfrost

    We bought a dishwasher so that in the evenings after work we wouldn’t get too tired and get our hands less wet, because they dry out (especially in winter). For me, the main thing was the presence of a capacious basket. It washes dishes well, on both sides and with different levels of pollution, but I had to tinker with the choice of detergent ... Minimum noise, you can even put it at night, you can’t hear it.

  • Washing machine Vestfrost
    Washing machine Vestfrost

    I've been using it for almost a year now, no problems so far. The assembly is purely tactile - very personal! Does not crack, the plastic inside the case is durable, does not bend. The drum is steel, the washing programs are convenient and without any "sophisticated" functions.